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Fund Raising Strategy Guide

Fundraising for stem cell treatment? Get a


of  David Granovsky's Fund Raising Strategy Guide for Patients.


Dr. Brothers video

Dr Brothers spoke at the 2009 Springfield Stem Cell Awareness event. Unaffiliated with any stem cell clinics or providers, he

has seen several returned patients who have undergone adult stem cell

therapy for optical conditions.

Dr Brothers' OD on Optical Adult Stem Cell Therapies from Stem Cells China on Vimeo.


Biker's Have Heart Help Ty to See More"

tys thank youBiker's Have Heart helped Ty Newcombe raise thousands of dollars to get treatment for his optic nerve hypoplasia which helped change his quality of life. Please visit their site at to learn more about how they did i

t and give you an idea for your

own fundraising ideas. These type of organizations are so important in making changes in people's lives. Please do visit the site and drop

them a note if you feel like showing that you appreciate the work they do.Biker's Have Heart Web site


Call family gives thanks

Source: Adirondack Daily Enterprise

Dear community members, friends and family:

We have been home from China for a month now and wanted once again thank you from the bottom of our hearts thank you for the fundraising events, the private gifts sent, for your love and support, because of you London hasa chance to improve her life.

Thank you, Adirondack Daily Enterprise and Adirondack Arc for letting Grandma Ruby and Jessie have this extended time off from work so we were able to take London for treatments. While we were in China we were blessed to be able to haveLondon receive9 stem cell treatments rather than the 8 we had planned on. Because of all the support; London, received approximately 90 million stem cells over a 40- day stay in China, 5 procedures by IV and 4 by lumbar puncture. Before we left for her treatments she only said afew words, Momma, Daddy, Nanna and Cy (her brother). (more…)

Adult Stem Cells Saved My Life campaign set to launch

Source: CNA  ppninocna101109

Kansas City, Kan., Nov 12, 2009 / 08:03 pm (CNA).- The Family Research Council, (FRC) has announced the beginning of its campaign to spread awareness about how successful adult stem cells are in treating a variety of diseases. The most recent count places the number of conditions successfully treated at close to 80.

On Saturday, November 14, 2009, the FRC will kick off the “Adult Stem Cells Saved My Life Education & Awareness Campaign” at the Town Hall in Shawnee, Kansas. At the premier, they will publicly launch and present the stories of people who have been successfully treated with adult stem cells via short videos.

Laura Dominguez knows firsthand about the impact a stem cell treatment can make.

In the summer of 2001, when Dominguez was just 16 years-old, she was involved in a car accident that broke her neck, paralyzing her from the neck down.

After a Portuguese surgeon took stem cells from her nose, cultured them, and used them to replace the scar tissue in her neck, she is now able to feel her body below her c

hest. She can grasp and move the mouse of a computer and is able to walk with leg braces. Though her range of motion is limited compared to her abilities before the accident, due to the treatment which used

her own stem cells, she is no longer a paraplegic. (more…)

Campaign launched to help Strathpine girl

Source: Where I Live

0524580baedee78aa5605724223aa911_resizedSTRATHPINE’S Tasha Hyde has been blind since birth, but now has a chance to see. All that stands in her way is $59,000 to travel overseas for treatment.
With a little help from mum Renee, nine-year-old Tasha is telling her story on the internet and through email.
Born six weeks premature, Tasha spent her first six months in hospital. She had major operations at three and six weeks.

When she came home, she had a blood clot and needed injections from her mother twice a day. She has cerebral palsy as well as blindness.
“Mummy and Daddy were quite upset for some time,’’ Tasha says in her email. “But I was always so happy they came to realise there was no one more special than me.’’
Children with blindness like Tasha’s are successfully treated at the Beike Biotech clinic in China. (more…)

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